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The Demon Tales Are Back!!

*Pets lovely cover*


I am so happy to tell you that Deadly Slumber, the NEW first book in the Demon Tales Series will be released in October. (Deadly Slumber is a re-release of Sleeping Beauty, and the Damned Demon. After this book the Demon Tales will be ALL NEW stories, never read before.)

The Demon Tales have had a shake up, a rejig and been given a whole new, shiny look!

I did this because I felt they needed a polish, and I believe a new era, needs a new look!

My writing has grown and evolved since I first wrote Beauty and the Beast 7 years ago, and I wanted to breathe some fresh air into their stories. So, while you may not see all characters you once read about yet – you will, but they will have fresh books! (All coming soon)

Thank you for waiting so patiently for the Demons to return. I will be eternally grateful to all who read the original series. I hope you enjoy my changes.

I would love to know what you think about the New LOOK!

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If you are a new reader, Hi!😉

My Demon Tales are sexy, dark and twisted versions of recognizable fairy tales. They are full of action, intrigue and HOT SEXY males. My females are strong and forceful – not meek and defenceless. And I hope you learn to love them as much as I do.

I hope you enjoy Deadly Slumber.

Much love.

Kerrianne Coombes – x0x0

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deadlyslumber COVER



Selma is wasting away, starved of light, love and happiness. Locked in a human insane asylum, cursed. When she awakens the nightmares truly begin. She has given up all hope of escaping, until a dark stranger, with frightening eyes, secrets her away in the night.

Alone, bitter and determined, Rhand searches for what was taken from him. Ruthless beyond measure, nothing and no one will get in the way of fulfilling his promise to his people. The Fey who lost it all… Until his search leads him to Selma.

Dark Magic, demonic lands and evil inhabit the world where he takes her, but nothing compares to the power of the love between the mercenary and his Sleeping Beauty.


Hump Day Hook


A little snippet from Deadly Slumber – Out on October 10th 2016 with Liquid Silver Books.

Happy hump day x


“This horse will do you fine, Rhand,” the farrier said as he walked into the long stable building. He plodded along in his linen pajamas, his feet stuffed into what could only be described as slippers.

Rhand followed behind, still holding the woman, her body still limp in his arms, as they trudged through the hay-smelling barns.

“Did you get your last horse back?” Rhand asked, remembering that he had asked his friend, and fellow mercenary, Baz, to bring the horse back last time he had gone through the portal.

The farrier, Mack, jerked his head in agreement, his gaze flickering to the woman in Rhand’s arms. Mack asked no questions as to why he was holding a dead-looking woman, the farrier clearly, having read his mood correctly, had stayed off that topic.

“I did, and I appreciated the gift of the metal too,” Mack said as he dragged a leather bridal off the wall and unlocked a stable door. “I used the metal to make my son a new handle for his wooden training sword, so, it was much appreciated,” Mack said.

The memory of he and his brother Conlan training with swords as young children popped into his mind and Rhand, as always, shoved the painful reminder away.


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I am in that little dark cave we writers like to call the Editing cave. I am actually having a blast going over and over and over … and over my manuscript, because I have had such a long break from anything like it.

I feel so genuinely lucky to have this opportunity again, the opportunity to actually share my work!

Like, I’m back bitches! *Does happy dance*

It has been two and a half years since I had a new release – can you believe it? Nope, neither can I. Two and a half years without the excitement and nerves of putting my words ‘out there’ for all to see/ read. I can honestly say, I feel truly blessed.

This is such a cool thing. Something people dream about, really. The thrill of getting your manuscript accepted, then going through edits, then getting a new cover – OMG SQUEEEEE! (A cover I will share next week, even more SQUEER!) And then Release Day. Obviously there is much more involved, but they are the highlights to be sure.

I actually believed it wouldn’t happen again for me. That I had used my ‘luck’ up. But even still I didn’t give in. I wanted it to happen again, even if I didn’t believe it would – I wanted it. I went through the ‘AH gods, I’m USELESS – useless, I say!’ – I cried, I regretted not appreciating it all when I had it, and I promised myself that if I got it back, then I’d GO FOR IT!

And now, here I am again, gearing up for a new release. *OMG OMG OMG OMG* and I am GOING for it! So watch this space, its going to be full with new books, new characters and new pretties!

Believe me, I have this demon, I’m reaching for his horns, and baby, I’m going to ride it!

Kerrianne xoxo





He came to a halt, his body suddenly taut, his mind in shock as he stared at the tiny woman laid on a metal framed bed. Her hair was dark, long and tangled, some of it laid across her face as she stared unseeing at the ceiling. Her hands were tied to the bed by leather cuffs attached to a cable running underneath the metal frame, her legs attached very much the same way. She was thin, so utterly thin that Rhand could probably play chopsticks on her ribs.

But it was her expression–one of agony that pulled at something deep inside him. Her eyes, such a vivid green, were wet with silent tears that flowed into her hairline, and her lips were so cracked, she reminded him of a wilting flower in the sun. Her skin was so pale, almost see though, like a wet piece of parchment paper, her veins so close to the surface, he could see her weak pulse at her neck.

Anger shot through Rhand so fast, he heard all the metal in the shitty place groan. The woman made a weak move and turned her head towards him. Her movements were sluggish and stiff looking, and when her eyes tried to focus upon him, Rhand saw the evidence of drugs as her gaze wavered, her lids blinking heavily before a smile spread across her chapped lips.

“I only wanted water,” she whispered, her voice so quiet, so weak Rhand almost didn’t hear her.

Begin Again

I have just under two weeks until me, my lovely family and our little fur-people all pick up and move to Canada.


This little British girl is going to be half way across the globe starting a new life. I can’t wait to see everything Canada has to offer. Though I am nervous about the normal things, like; the children settling in at school, and do they sell Hellmans Mayonnaise? – Yah, know, important stuff.

But most importantly,


I have plans for my writing – BIG ones. I now can’t wait until i move so I can knuckle down and begin.




I Freaking Paused!

When Secret Cravings closed their doors, and 11 of my books were no longer available to buy, i was so upset.

I didn’t know how much it actually affected me until, fast forward a year, and i have not typed The End since.

I realise that with Secret cravings closing, I felt a little defeated. Gutted. Im sure it affected more than just me in this way – i hope it didn’t- but i bet my husbands left nut it did.

Just the other day, someone asked me what i ‘do’  – Besides that fact, i have two kids, a house, an imminent move to another continent, I actually paused before I answered.

I FREAKING paused!

If someone had asked me what I ‘do’ a year ago, I would have proudly announced that I am an Author. I would have handed over a business card and pointed them in the direction of my website, Amazon page and even produced a flyer from my Mary Poppins handbag. I would have smiled and answered as they peppered me with questions – “What do you write?” “How many books do you have out?”  – “I never knew you wrote.”  – obviously, these questions always lead to “where do i find your books?” And i always had an answer…

On this day I didn’t… And it made me a little embarrassed. Which is silly, I know, but it did.  Iv’e written 13 books, books I bled my heart into, books I proudly showed off, books i cried over and laughed over – books I WROTE –  and 11 suddenly were gone…

Talk about epic disappointment.

“Where do I buy your books?” …. Well… nowhere at the moment – Doesn’t that sound flat? Doesn’t that sound weak? Doesn’t that sound stupid? –  I felt like a fraud. I walked away from that encounter very sad. Utterly depressed.

But just today, my sons teacher asked me about my books, about my writing, and I had knowledge, actual knowledge about world building, character growth and plot building. I knew all about writing a book, a story – a place that only my mind can make up.

And then just like that, it hit me.

I AM a bloody Author. I DO have 13 books with my bloody name on! Just because the publisher I was with closed its doors, it doesn’t mean my need to write disappeared.

And so what if those books aren’t out now? They will be again and if not, another one will replace it…

I dont do self pity, but apparently, I have been wallowing in a vast, damp pit of it without  realising.

So, today, i opened my laptop, wrote 2k words without breathing or looking up, I sent them to my BETA reader, made her cry “I WANT MORE!” and BOOM! I felt whole again.

Being a writer is who I am. Who I was before Secret Cravings… WHO I WILL ALWAYS BE.

I have dark and twisted characters in my brain and if I don’t let them out, well, shit… I don’t care to find out what would happen.







I Decree!


So for a little while I’ve been preoccupied with life, moving country for the third time in four years, bringing up kids and trying to learn to speak French, and my writing has taken a back seat. No more!

I have struggled with trying to find a balance between life and writing and i have come to realise, there is no balance. If i want to write, i have to make time. If i want to socialise, or learn French or do anything that involves not being in front of my computer, then i have to sacrifice writing. Not writing has lead to doubts–i don’t like this feeling.


I am no longer happy to sacrifice my books and my characters for any excuse.

So, here it is. I have devised a ‘working week’ for myself. I have a routine that i WILL NOT break from.


There it is. My decree.

hopefully i’ll be sharing some covers and new releases with you all soon…


GIVEAWAY! Hump Day Hook 19th November


Shanna Damron


GIVEAWAY!!!!! Amazon voucher worth £5 or $5 

Hi Guys! Happy Hump Day!! To be in with a chance at winning, just leave me comment below xx  This is from my MC Romance, Full Throttle. Revved 1 full throttle Now, she had the pleasure of finding out that he was a legendary kisser. It was no wonder she was clutching his shirt and standing on her toes to get closer. Distantly she knew that this wasn’t at all like her, distantly she could hear that annoying voice reminding her that she was a good, girl, a virtuous girl. A girl who would be ashamed of herself, and her actions, tomorrow. That thought made her pull back, breathless and weak, she stared up at Josh as he raised his head and frowned. Good God, he looked so bloody gorgeous. He stared back at her, his expression intense, and if Sammy were a confident person, she might say disappointment flashed in his dark eyes. He cleared his throat. “Are you ok, Sam?” he asked, keeping his hand still the side of her face, his fingers threaded through her hair, the other on her hip, digging in with erotic need. She nodded, still bemused and utterly shocked to be in this situation. “It’s just… I have… Umm, what I mean is I haven’t—” He stepped back then, and Sammy saw a frown crease his brow before he ran his hands through his hair. Was he shaking? Sammy swallowed past her suddenly dry throat as regret for making him stop kissing her tugged at her chest. “You’re a virgin?” he asked, kind of laughing, huffing as he spoke. He definitely didn’t look happy. She shook her head “No. I just…” Shit! Just talk, Sammy. Because of her stupid bumbling, he’d stepped back. Because of her stupid nerves, he was looking like she just poked him with a branding iron. She just messed up the one and only exciting sexual experience of her life. “I’m sorry. I—” She turned and faced the door, mortification burning the backs of her eyes as adrenaline and the need to run trembled through her arms and legs. “I don’t do stuff like this.” She dropped her eyes and took a step towards the door as her embarrassment turned quickly into defeat. Who was she kidding?

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Hump Day hook 13th November

This is from Snow White the Demon Huntress.

Snow White Demon Tale 3

Snow White Demon Tale 3

“Calm down Sam,” Snow whispered. She reached up with her free hand and gripped Sam’s shirt in a tight fist, tugged him close—and everything disappeared as his whole attention, his whole fucking being, zeroed in on Snow. The way she purred his name sent a shockwave of heat to his groin, and Sam wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. 

“You can’t blame the boy,” she continued, her voice a seductive whisper against his flesh. “I do have killer legs.” Her smile turned into a wide grin, a cheeky, fun-filled grin and the breath left Sam’s lungs in a painful groan. 

She’s dangerous.


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Hump Day Hook 22nd October

This is from Rapunzel The Demon Tale x

Happy Hump Day xx

Click to go to Amazon

Click to go to Amazon

The first thing she saw was Blane hanging from twin chains in the ceiling. His head hung heavily against his chest so she couldn’t see his face, his beautiful hair was matted and clumpy, presumably stuck together with blood—his blood—around his damaged horns. His entire body was wet with sweat and blood, his muscles shaking against the bonds. It was horrifying—disgusting—all-consuming to her stunned senses.

“Oh, my god, Blane!” Chloe cried out and took a step toward him. She stumbled over loose chains on the floor and she knocked a candle over making the flames dance around the dank room. The yellow light swished along the walls as the candle fell, and that was when she noticed the second thing in the room…

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