Hump Day Hook


A little snippet from Deadly Slumber – Out on October 10th 2016 with Liquid Silver Books.

Happy hump day x


“This horse will do you fine, Rhand,” the farrier said as he walked into the long stable building. He plodded along in his linen pajamas, his feet stuffed into what could only be described as slippers.

Rhand followed behind, still holding the woman, her body still limp in his arms, as they trudged through the hay-smelling barns.

“Did you get your last horse back?” Rhand asked, remembering that he had asked his friend, and fellow mercenary, Baz, to bring the horse back last time he had gone through the portal.

The farrier, Mack, jerked his head in agreement, his gaze flickering to the woman in Rhand’s arms. Mack asked no questions as to why he was holding a dead-looking woman, the farrier clearly, having read his mood correctly, had stayed off that topic.

“I did, and I appreciated the gift of the metal too,” Mack said as he dragged a leather bridal off the wall and unlocked a stable door. “I used the metal to make my son a new handle for his wooden training sword, so, it was much appreciated,” Mack said.

The memory of he and his brother Conlan training with swords as young children popped into his mind and Rhand, as always, shoved the painful reminder away.


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