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I am so thrilled to announce the RE-RELEASE of my demon tales!

A little bit changed and twisted up from the original, my demon tales offer you a chance to get to know more of my sexy, haunted, flawed characters.

I begin the series with DEADLY SLUMBER. The re-release, and reworked Sleeping Beauty.

Rhand and Selmas story…

The Demon Tales have been a part of my life for so long. I have ‘met’ so many characters while planning this story, and the future books. I am ready now to start telling their stories. The original demon Tales stories will make their way back into publication over time, but I am focused on telling you NEW, FRESH Demon Tales.

I have re-released this book (Originally Sleeping Beauty and The Damned Demon, The Demon Tale) Because, I LOVE Selma and Rhand, and because within this book you get the chance to ‘meet’ some very important characters to the future Demon Tales.

This Tale is a lovely set up to my entire world. The characters within are strong, scarred and beautifully broken, but together they find a mutual reason to continue on striving for more.

Selma was so fantastic to write. She was so strong even through her long struggle, even managing to find a softer side to a male that made it hard to like.

Rhand, is a mess. Bitter, angry and alone, he literally does not believe what his heart is screaming at him to see.

When you read Deadly Slumber, I hope you fall in love in the same way I did with Rand and Selma. I hope you enjoy their journey and I look forward to taking you on many more journeys throughout the series.

For now, please enjoy Deadly Slumber.

You can Find Deadly Slumber by following these links ;

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Selma is wasting away, starved of light, love and happiness. Locked in a human insane asylum, cursed. When she awakens the nightmares truly begin. She has given up all hope of escaping. Until a dark stranger, with frightening eyes, secrets her away in the night.

Alone, bitter and determined, Rhand searches for what was taken from him. Ruthless beyond measure, nothing and no one will get in the way of fulfilling his promise to his people. The Fey who lost it all… Until his search leads him to Selma.

Dark Magic, demonic lands and evil inhabit the world where he takes her, but nothing compares to the power of the love between the mercenary and his Sleeping Beauty.


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