I am in that little dark cave we writers like to call the Editing cave. I am actually having a blast going over and over and over … and over my manuscript, because I have had such a long break from anything like it.

I feel so genuinely lucky to have this opportunity again, the opportunity to actually share my work!

Like, I’m back bitches! *Does happy dance*

It has been two and a half years since I had a new release – can you believe it? Nope, neither can I. Two and a half years without the excitement and nerves of putting my words ‘out there’ for all to see/ read. I can honestly say, I feel truly blessed.

This is such a cool thing. Something people dream about, really. The thrill of getting your manuscript accepted, then going through edits, then getting a new cover – OMG SQUEEEEE! (A cover I will share next week, even more SQUEER!) And then Release Day. Obviously there is much more involved, but they are the highlights to be sure.

I actually believed it wouldn’t happen again for me. That I had used my ‘luck’ up. But even still I didn’t give in. I wanted it to happen again, even if I didn’t believe it would – I wanted it. I went through the ‘AH gods, I’m USELESS – useless, I say!’ – I cried, I regretted not appreciating it all when I had it, and I promised myself that if I got it back, then I’d GO FOR IT!

And now, here I am again, gearing up for a new release. *OMG OMG OMG OMG* and I am GOING for it! So watch this space, its going to be full with new books, new characters and new pretties!

Believe me, I have this demon, I’m reaching for his horns, and baby, I’m going to ride it!

Kerrianne xoxo



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