Contemporary Romance.

full throttle

 Contemporary MC Romance 

When self-professed geek and high school math teacher, Sammy Briars, decides it’s time to live life, she means it. Desperate to put her father’s harsh words behind her, and armed with determination and her life savings, Sammy buys the motorbike she has always dreamed of. 

Excited by speed, fast engines, and leather-wearing men, Sammy finds herself in the company of kindred throttle-junkies who know how to live. And in the arms of the hottest biker of all. 

Josh Grieve agrees to take his elder brother’s bike-touring group on a biking weekend, expecting to see the countryside from the seat of his favorite Suzuki and the chance to kick back from his busy schedule. What Josh doesn’t expect is for his life to be turned inside out by a timid, intelligent woman who rocks a set of bike leathers.

excerpt for full throttle   copy




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