Naming A New Book

Book titles, to me,  are the worst part of writing. Ask me to write a blurb and ill be happy, ask me to write a synopsis and i’ll shrug, make a coffee and do it. Ask me to think of a book title and I mentally freeze.

I find thinking of something that will sum up the entire theme of a book in maybe two


hello my name is sign with blank white copyspace for text message

words – hopefully one – impossible.  The title is what will surely catch the eye of the prospective agent, publisher and in the end, readers. It should be catchy, captivating and most importantly individual. *whimpers* Your title is the first of your words a reader will see.

I write books in series, so not only does that title have to represent one book, it should be able to be spread out or tweaked so that it, or a variant of it, will suit many books. Some authors have done this SO well. Take Sherrilyn Kenyon, with her League Series. she was able to spread the word ‘Born’ throughout her whole series – to perfection – linking each book together like a familial surname. *Tips Head in Respect* BTW Totally read those books, they’re awesome.

Not only will the title be on the cover of the book, it will be put onto book marks, maybe mugs, magnets, and many other promo items. A title will be spread about the internet via blogs, Facebook, pinterest, twitter and lots more social networks. A book title will travel!

The title will be in my life forever. Its like naming a child, but harder.

And this is where I struggle. When I start writing, I usually think of a title quickly, write my book and as soon as I have finished the story – I then HATE the original title.

Then what do I do? I agonise over names, word combinations, bouncing it off friends and family – I overthink it until the title no longer feels organic.

What should i do? Any ideas on how I can get back to instinctively naming my books, because searching many, many, many synonyms of words has got a little tedious.

The struggle is real.

Leave me a comment please xx







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