Hump Day Hook

A little something from my UF romance *Work in progress*


“I was falling for you, Lilly.” He finally said, his heartbreaking addmittance delivered on a soft breath making her eyes sting. His words pulled all the air from her lungs. She felt herself softening, warmth spread across her chest.

Just when an apology formed in her throat, Dagan Swore foully.

He turned, picked up the small wooden table and threw it across the small space. Anger burst out of him in a roar that proved he was no mere human male. his eyes blazed red when he looked at her again. Lilly tensed, waited for an attack. But Dagan just glared at her, his fists balled at his side, fury radiating from him in heated waves, “Of all the betrayals I have suffered… this one -” He ground out between clenched teeth.  “This one -” He shook his head again, took a step toward her, but he paused, his gaze flickering to the door at Lilly’s back. “Lilly, get back!” He cried out, a split second before a dart buried itself in his chest.


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