GIVEAWAY! Hump Day Hook 19th November


Shanna Damron


GIVEAWAY!!!!! Amazon voucher worth £5 or $5 

Hi Guys! Happy Hump Day!! To be in with a chance at winning, just leave me comment below xx  This is from my MC Romance, Full Throttle. Revved 1 full throttle Now, she had the pleasure of finding out that he was a legendary kisser. It was no wonder she was clutching his shirt and standing on her toes to get closer. Distantly she knew that this wasn’t at all like her, distantly she could hear that annoying voice reminding her that she was a good, girl, a virtuous girl. A girl who would be ashamed of herself, and her actions, tomorrow. That thought made her pull back, breathless and weak, she stared up at Josh as he raised his head and frowned. Good God, he looked so bloody gorgeous. He stared back at her, his expression intense, and if Sammy were a confident person, she might say disappointment flashed in his dark eyes. He cleared his throat. “Are you ok, Sam?” he asked, keeping his hand still the side of her face, his fingers threaded through her hair, the other on her hip, digging in with erotic need. She nodded, still bemused and utterly shocked to be in this situation. “It’s just… I have… Umm, what I mean is I haven’t—” He stepped back then, and Sammy saw a frown crease his brow before he ran his hands through his hair. Was he shaking? Sammy swallowed past her suddenly dry throat as regret for making him stop kissing her tugged at her chest. “You’re a virgin?” he asked, kind of laughing, huffing as he spoke. He definitely didn’t look happy. She shook her head “No. I just…” Shit! Just talk, Sammy. Because of her stupid bumbling, he’d stepped back. Because of her stupid nerves, he was looking like she just poked him with a branding iron. She just messed up the one and only exciting sexual experience of her life. “I’m sorry. I—” She turned and faced the door, mortification burning the backs of her eyes as adrenaline and the need to run trembled through her arms and legs. “I don’t do stuff like this.” She dropped her eyes and took a step towards the door as her embarrassment turned quickly into defeat. Who was she kidding?

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x


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