Beauty and the Beast. The Demon Tale.

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The shrewd, dark eyes on the huge demon watched her for a moment, before he turned to look at her captor.

Cally was stuck, this was not good. She had stolen a knife with intent to use it against one demon. Now that there were two, she wasn’t sure she had the guts—or the skill—to get both of them.

“What are you up to, Helki?” The hairy demon asked, his tone spoke of disgust, his filthy glare told Cally these two were not friends.

Hairy demon, does not like stinky demon. As that thought developed, another one wound its way into her mind. Hairy demon might just be my key out of here. Cally pressed herself against the wall and watched the by-play between the two demons.

“None o’ your business, Brigg,” Helki replied, spitting at the feet of the hairy demon.

Brown eyes passed over her again, resting for a brief moment on her wounded hands. Cally felt the sudden urge to hide her bruised wrists, as a ridiculously ill-timed bout of shame washed over her body.

“What do you want with a pathetic human, Helki?” Brigg asked in a deep voice, so gravelly that Cally felt it vibrate through the dark room and all the way to her bones.

Wait. Pathetic?

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” her captor taunted, laughing like an impertinent child.

The hairy one—Brigg—stepped more fully into the room. His gaze found her again, where she was pressed against the rock face. The way he watched her made her feel like a mouse trapped in a corner by a cat. He was paying little to no attention to Helki, as if the stinking demon were no threat to him at all. Cally was frightened, but she still wondered if this Brigg, could help her to get free. If she asked him for help, would she be jumping from one fire into an inferno? If he rescued her from Helki, what would he do with her? Cally had the fleeting thought that the stinky demon was probably a better option. Escape seemed like a possibility with Helki, but this demon… Cally wasn’t sure he missed anything with that intense stare of his. He definitely didn’t have any ‘friendly’ vibes going on, in fact he fairly vibrated with tension and rage.

Cally shrunk further away as her mind argued what to do.




When Princess Callindra of Tempath, wakes up hog-tied and bruised in the bowels of hell, she realizes that her plan to escape her up-coming marriage has gone horribly wrong. Her only hope of escape comes in the form of Brigg, cursed Rain Demon and bitter, human hating bastard. But beggars can’t be choosers.

When Brigg finds himself in possession of a human and a horde of angry demons desperate to get her back, he flees. When he realizes that she is the daughter of the witch that cursed him and his family, he believes that he has finally got the opportunity he has been hoping for. The only thing he must decide now is what is more important to him, the reversal of the curse, or revenge?

Neither one are prepared for the flame that ignites between them. But will the spark be enough to break to the curse that holds them apart?



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