Hump Day Hook 15th October

A little bit from Sleeping Beauty and the Damned Demon xx

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Enjoy xx

She shoved at him again, this time she avoided the metal on his chest and pushed against his arms.

Tears fell from her eyes and Selma kept her head low, so he didn’t see them. She was angry and frightened all at once and her weakness disgusted her. She sniffed and Rhand stilled under her shoving hands. He held her with one arm and Selma resisted when his hand came under her chin and forced her gaze upwards.

She opened her water-logged eyes and stared into dark, deep pools of temper, the tenebrous chocolate, swirling with emotion as he studied her face. His jaw clenched and Selma felt another hated tear fall down her cheek. Rhand swallowed hard and Selma followed the move with her gaze. Before Selma could say another word, Rhand folded her against his chest.

This time, it wasn’t with force, nor aggression. This time, Rhand held her as if she were something he cared for.

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