HDH Wednesday 8th October

Hi guys

This weeks HDH is from Rapunzel The Demon Tale xx

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Click to go to Amazon

He squinted to see through the gloomy light and frowned when he saw a small woman hugging her knees. Wide eyes stared back at Blane—fear and hesitancy shining from her shadowed orbs. Her long hair flowed all around her and seemed to pool on the floor like heavy, silken curtains. Blane couldn’t see the exact colour because of the low light, but his mind whispered that it was red.

She sat still like a statue, not moving even to take a breath, and Blane wondered what the fuck a woman was doing in a place like this? A deep moan of agony filtered into the room through the floor as if to punctuate Blane’s thoughts.

He let his gaze roam past her face and his heart broke at the sight of her ragged clothes and her dirty bare feet. His eyes had become accustomed to the light, and he could see how filthy the woman was.

Her small, thin fingers gripped the front of her legs, and as he scrutinised her, she folded herself in closer, making herself appear, if possible, smaller. Her eyes, which he now could see were blue, filled with shame and Blane forced his gaze away.


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