Sunday Morning Woes.

Is it just my family, or does Sunday — the supposedly relaxing day of the week– go like this for others too?

Lets see. Even though we were out with friends last night had a great time and didn’t get kids to bed until way after their bedtime, they still woke us up before 7am… Then, because they are tired and NEEDED more sleep, they begin to bicker and argue…
So me and hubby get up, make a pot of tea and try to relax awake, not asleep. And one, if not both of my kids SUDDENLY, remember a homework that is due tomorrow *Shock* Which means that either me or hubs or both, have to help with said HW.

Then, we start to get dressed or start our day and the kids argue some more. I get growly and hubs gets snappy.

And today, this mood seems to be the order of the day…


I think I’m going to hide in my office and write… But even then, i can’t guarantee my characters will listen to me… *Throws hands up* >Crisis of confidence



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