Happy Valentines Day!!

In celebration of the LOVE day i am going to post a  little snippet from each of my Demon Tales…




Beauty and the Beast the Demon Tale…


“Brigg, what are you doing here?” Her breath fanned over his face, the sweet smell of Cally drifted up his nostrils and he felt a small amount of peace fill his heart. She stroked her dainty hands over his face as her beautiful eyes brimmed with pain. For him?

“Oh, Brigg. What have you done?” she whispered, the sound agonizingly perfect against his ears. “Let him go!” Cally roared, the shrill, sharp sound making him flinch against his human bindings.

He lifted his heavy head and watched her. She was full of the fire he so loved in her, so fierce and unconsciously sexy as she screamed at the top of her lungs—for him. No one had ever defended him. No one had ever spoken out for Brigg—the cursed demon. It humbled him and pained him all at once. He had come here to be her rescuer, he had come here to take her away from pain and suffering, but he could see tears wetting her face and torment flashing in her eyes, and he knew he had just made her life worse.

 “I came for you,” he said, understanding that he had never sounded so weak—so pathetic. Here he was on his knees, beaten to a pulp, yet telling her that he had come for her. He would have laughed, if it didn’t hurt so much.


Cinderella. The Demon Tale…


“You promised a marriage, and then ran off with our slave!” The king roared, the sound echoing ominously around the large banquet hall. Torc stood tall, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the king boil with rage. His temper rode him hard as he surveyed the king and his pomp.

“The slave your wife left to fucking die on the kitchen floor!” Torc spat, disgusted.

The king rounded on him and Torc saw murder in the older man’s eyes. “How dare you swear when talking of my wife?” he yelled and closed the distance between him and Torc. Torc had the childish urge to call his wife a fucking whore, but managed to bite his tongue. Brigg inserted himself between them, effectively blocking the king from attacking.

What a shame, Torc thought. It would feel so good to throw his fist into the king’s red-tempered face.

“I think,” said Brigg, “that what Torc was saying, was that he found no match with either of your daughters, and he wanted to help the slave.”


Snow WHite The Demon Huntress…


SnowWhite_SM“Sam don’t…” Sam heard Snow’s voice come from behind. He would have turned to look at her, if the Skunk demon hadn’t suddenly looked all murderous and twitchy. 

The demon lunged at the exact time the one from behind him leapt into action, and Sam backed up a step to avoid their slashing knives. Sam was just about to get in some seriously fun swordplay when Torc ran past and knocked the Skunk to the floor. Snow slipped past his other side and attacked the other demon with fast, precise moves that had Sam wincing in sympathy for the demon’s now-crushed balls. 

He had to admit, even through his choking panic, that Snow had style when she fought. The woman was like a feral cat as she punched, kicked and elbowed with lethal precision. She made this cute little ‘ungh’ noise every time she punched, and it made Sam’s thoughts get all sexy… 

The demon crumpled to the ground in a bloody, groaning mess. Snow turned, and flicked her plait over her shoulder and grinned at Sam. Oh, yeah, his mate was wild. 

“That’s how it’s done,” she said. 

“Oh, yeah, it is,” Sam agreed, though his heart beat at a frantic pace within his chest, even as his dick began to harden in appreciation. “But, you know, honey, you should learn to share. I think Blane wanted in on some of the action.” 

Snow grinned. 

Sam nearly swallowed his tongue. Mine…


Rapunzel The Demon Tale …

cover art Rapunzel mdHe huffed a laugh, amused by her words and stood up, holding her against his chest. His insides rolled, boiled and flipped.

No doubt about it, Chloe was made for him.

It was a shame he wasn’t a different demon. A gentler demon with less scars, an honourable demon who wanted a slower life, maybe some kids. But he wasn’t—He couldn’t be.

“Let’s get back,” he said. He turned and walked back to their camp, his heart suddenly heavy with the weight of his decision.

“Can I ask you a question?” Chloe asked. Blane hesitated, wondering what she would want to know, but after a long, thought-filled moment, he nodded.


“What is your name?”

Blane frowned and thought back through their brief conversations and realised he hadn’t offered his name to her. He only knew her name because the Vulcans had used it. He sighed deeply and barely resisted swearing again. Rose and Cally would have his hide for treating her so callously. He had dragged her through shit all day, and not once offered a kind word to her. Not even his name.

He was an ass.

“Blane. My name is Blane,” he said, keeping his gaze forward on their path.

“Blane,” She repeated softly and fuck, if his name didn’t sound good on her lips. “My name is Chloe.”


Sleeping Beauty and the Damned Demon

Click here to go to Amazon

Click here to go to Amazon

“I decided, Selma, that you had become important to me.”

Selma scoffed, though not with anger, “So you throw weapons at me? Really romantic, Rhand.” But hope had begun to bloom like an uncontrollable force within her body like petals opening on a rose.

Rhand closed his eyes for a short second, though his grip didn’t let up on her arms. “I am a man who has lived a hard, battle-filled life. I am no longer gentle—nor have I tact. You were riding away from me and I was powerless to stop you.” He opened his eyes and Selma almost gasped at the emotion within his stare. “Weapons are all I know, Selma. You confuse me.”

Words escaped Selma’s mind, replaced only with a strange longing that made her relax against this dangerous, gruff, scarred warrior.

“I thought you were angry at me for taking your horse,” she uttered through her tight chest.

Rhand blew out a small breath and half smiled, his generous lips forming the first smile she had ever seen on him. “I was mad, no one has ever managed to steal my horse before. No one has ever managed to bring me to my knees—except you, Selma. Only you.”

Selma swallowed. “I bested the great Rhand.” She lifted her chin and smiled a little.

Rhand stepped closer to her so their chests touched. She felt his heat through the thin cotton and when his grip fell away from her arm, Selma realized Rhand was giving her the choice.

“That you did, little Fey.”




I hope you liked the little snippets. My Demon Tales can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, ARE. and Secret Cravings Publishing…

Happy LOVE day peeps!


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