Using Social Media Fully.


>Crisis of confidence

I will admit that while i am on FB a lot and i use twitter sometimes, i am barely scratching the surface on how to get the most out of the pages I have. There are so many options out there for social media and i feel a little panicked at teh fact i barely use any. I have two kids, a life and the usual daily dramas, and i feel sick at the idea of how much time i have to dedicate to my own promo.

I, as an author, have new books i like to promote, new ideas and news, and i put it on my pages and hope it goes to who and where i need it to go.

I KNOW for a fact there is an entire world out there that i would love to reach, and entire ocean of untouched resources out there that could help me in my plight.

For example, i know that by creating an event on FB when i have a new release it helps to spread the word, people are able to link people who don’t yet follow me to my books.

I also know that if i post sexeh men on my pages, i get more attention LOL

I know that hosting other authors on my blog helps with my own promotion.

I know that i don’t blog enough–and i need to more.

And i know i need to get my twitter obsession back again.

I just learned from Pippa J Green that i can schedule my posts on my Demon Tales FB page by using the little clock symbol there –AMAZING!!! LOL


SO heres where you come in. 

Share your knowledge with me and other writers about what helps you in your writerly life. What tricks do you have for reaching readers? What magic ‘thing’ gives you and your books the boost you need?

AND what should, in your opinion, we avoid doing? Time wasters… 

Leave me a comment, and we will see if we can help each other.



2 thoughts on “Using Social Media Fully.

  1. I’ve had several people invite me to goggle+. I watched the intro but haven’t made the time to really explore it. I know a lot of authors use pinterest for different promo things. I’ve tried but I’m a Pinterest failure


  2. I am on both Google+ ( and Pinterest (, and I like both of these platforms for promoting books. I don’t spend as much time as I would like to on them (2 kids, dog, husband, life etc!) but I learnt the basics about them and continue to learn as I go along.

    Facebook and Twitter are still regular platforms for me. I have the accounts linked to share content, and I also use Hootsuite to schedule my posts. They post at regular intervals on Twitter and then feed through to Facebook, and they are also connected to my Linked In account so that page remains active even when I struggle to visit regularly.

    I did spend a lot of time during the past 2 years retweeting promotional messages for other authors in various social media groups via Facebook, and in the World Literary Cafe. At first I enjoyed doing it, and the process did keep my book sales trickling through, but eventually I realised that I simply wasn’t seeing the financial return I needed for the amount of time I put in.

    Ultimately I think social media works for as long as you can devote time to it, just like anything else. We just have to keep going, and share whatever tips we pick up along the way.

    Oh, and I will just recommend to you. It’s free to join, and you basically join different ‘tribes’ by invitation, and you set one up for yourself as well and invite your Twitter followers to join. The tribes bring together people who blog about different subjects, so you can be specific for what you want to do. I am a member of tribes for book promotion, paranormal topics, and social media advice. Again you can set it up to run automatically, and you can link several accounts to save time. Every time you post a blog article, it feeds through to your tribes, and everyone in that tribe can choose to share it on their Twitter and Facebook page.


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