Sleeping Beauty and the Damned Demon is finally HERE!!!! YEYE!!!!!!!!!


Chloe’s brother, Rhand gets his story!!! And it is one hell of a story!

Poor Selma, left to rot in a human asylum has no idea what she is in for! Believing she is an insane human, Selma has no idea about the worlds hidden from the humans… No idea about demons and beasts!

AHA!!! How i loved showing her!! ROFL!!


Have a little excerpt to wet your whistle!!

Besides, he wasn’t interested in her, ‘I don’t need to know your name…’ his harsh answer from before battered her mind and Selma decided not to speak up—

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Rhand began to open his armor and Selma’s thoughts scattered when he removed his leather chest plate, her swirling temper and sad musings gone when she saw his bared back. When he turned to glare at her again, Selma barely noticed as she got an eye full of his chest—his strong wide chest with a perfect, manly dusting of dark hairs. Selma’s mouth dried a little and her stomach rolled with a heat she had never known, her mind stuttered to a stop and her hands itched to know what those hairs on his chest felt like. Her gaze dropped a little, to where his hands fisted the top of his trousers, her chest tightening as ideas of watching him undress fully filled her mind.

“Do you mind? I need to bathe and I’d rather not do it with an audience.”

His words yanked her gaze upwards, her mind unfreezing from its stupor. Selma opened her mouth to apologize for gawping, but no words would come out as she fought to find free thought. She spun on her heel and regretted the fast move as her head spun slower. She shook her head and cringed as embarrassment warmed her cheeks.

“I’m—I—sorry,” she muttered, horrified by her brazen staring. If the ground could have opened up, she would have readily jumped in. She heard Rhand laugh, a little arrogant chortle and her cheeks went a little hotter.

Selma took one step back in the direction of the small cave, keeping Rhand to her back, when darkness began to crowd at the side of her vision. Selma raised her hands to her temple, and her feet staggered a little on the ground. Strong arms wrapped around her from behind and Selma raised her heavy head to find herself looking into Rhand’s dark, dangerous gaze. Disappointment pulled at her heart. Had she believed this wouldn’t happen again? She was stronger, and more capable—easily standing and walking now, but nothing would stop this dark sleep from taking her. Not even nourishment and strength.

Selma began to panic. How long would she be gone this time? Would Rhand leave her? The idea that this was all a dream and it would be gone after the darkness receded again, made her heart constrict, and Selma used the last of her waning clarity to reach up to touch Rhand’s face.

She tried to smile when he frowned. Stubble scratched at her palm and Selma felt his teeth grind under her hand. Darkness swarmed and her ears buzzed loudly, but Selma fought it for a little while, shoving the advancing wall of darkness back just enough to whisper.

“Don’t leave me alone.”

* * * *


Rhand held onto Selma as she fought what was happening to her. Her body was stiff and tense, she seemed to gasp for breath. He dropped to his knees and laid her across his lap, and when her body went limp in his arms and she whispered her words or pleading, panic squeezed his throat.

“Selma fight this!” He demanded, as if his words could call her back, if this was the same as before, he knew nothing would wake her. “Wake up,” he shouted as he shook her small body. Her hand fell from his cheek and Rhand suddenly was alone.

That strange sensation of being watched returned and Rhand lifted his head and glanced around. The forest was silent, but for the gentle sway of the trees. Leaves rustled like the softest music, but Rhand was agitated as he studied the tree line.

His intuition tingled as if under threat and his neck itched. He found himself clutching Selma to his chest as he stood up. The horse that was now chewing at the grass on the other side of the clearing, lifted its head and looked right at them. Its ears flattened to its head and the horse began to shove air from its nose, irritated, frightened.

Rhand rolled Selma’s unconscious body into his chest and he turned toward the small cave off to the right, he toed the dress she had discarded in exchange for the form fitting bodice she wore now, and moved it onto a flat patch of earth inside the cave. He bent, placed Selma down on the dress and wrapped the full skirt around her body. 



Did you like it????  *Swoons* I love Rhand! He totally consumed me when i wrote this! He’s my bardes, most scarred demon yet! YUM! 😉


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