Congrats! and thank you so much to all that entered. I will have another GIVE-AWAY SOON!

I am a winter girl, though i do enjoy the summer, i prefer the colder days, wrapping up warm and sitting with a good book in front of a roaring fire. 

I am a comfort food eater, meaty pies and dunking bread into stew. I love a sunday Roast with potatoes and Yorkshire puddings.  I LOVE wearing jumpers and big boots! I ADORE that feeling when you have been outside on a crisp day, and stepping back into the warm, cozy house!

 I love bubble baths, i love dark evenings and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fireworks night!

Some of my favourite memories are of being wrapped in my husbands arms watching fireworks. Or when we went away for our tenth wedding anniversary to a really lovely hotel that had roaring fires and endless supplies of Baileys liquor. We were married in November and i loved that crisp cold day… This time of year is full of my favourite days…

I ADORE Autumn.

I was born in December so thats probably why i love this time of year.

I like summer but Autumn is for me…

SnowWhite_SMcover art Rapunzel md

I am going to offer one commenter a chance to WIN Two signed Paperbacks. Snow White The Demon Huntress and Rapunzel The Demon tale. AND a £10 Gift Voucher From either Barnes and Noble OR Amazon! Choice is the winners x 



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Blurb For Rapunzel;

Chloe, princess of the iron fey and heir to the throne, is trapped. Kidnapped from her life at the young age of fifteen and imprisoned by the Vulcans, she has suffered at their hands for more than a decade.

Broken weak and hopeless, she has long stopped dreaming of a better life.

When a large demon is captured by the Vulcans and thrown into her tower, Chloe has no idea that fate has a plan. 

Bent on fulfilling a promise he made to his dying mother, Blane finds himself behind bars. Locked in the legendary Vulcan tower, with a woman he fears is his mate. Blane realizes that even the best laid plans can fail.

Blane never wanted a mate. Never wanted anyone to rely on him. But can he walk away from the one woman who is meant to be the other half of his soul? 


Blurb for Snow White The Demon Huntress. (Bookie Nominated)

Hired demon hunter and paid debt collector, Snow White lives with her heart encased in ice and her mind set on survival—until she accepts the one job that threatens to turn her world upside down.

Blackmailed by hell gate demons, Snow has no choice but to accept the task of murdering a king. Dragged into a world of violence and death at a young age, Snow has no idea how to deal with king Sam, and his charm.

When Sam’s evil mother died fifteen years before, she left a him with the knowledge that one day, she would return unless Sam breaks the spell.

Living with the knowledge that he has to die on his wedding night in order to break his mothers spell, Sam has never allowed himself to dream of love…Until a little assassin breaks into his castle and steals his heart.

But deals have been made and magic has been cast. Fate has no power over what is in the past…


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  1. I look forward to the colder temps too, being able to heat up the house with cooking, long walks now that it is cooler.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com


  2. I look forward to the end of summer because I am a cold nights girl. I love my sweats, blankets, fires and hot drinks. I love the smell of Autumn and the colors. I love the crisp snow and frosty windows of winter.


  3. Living in a sleepy little beach-side town, what I hate about the end of summer, is the opportunities to watch the kidlets run all over the sand, making their castles and paddling in the waves. They get so much fun from being outside in the glorious sunshine, that the cold, windy months really can’t compare.

    vampyangel at live dot com


  4. What i hate most is knowing at the end of summer, winter comes and there will be snow. Lots and lots of snow. I hate it! I hate being cold.Brrr…
    Your books sound awesome! I love books about fairy tales! Ill definitely be checking these out! Thank you so much for sharing! 😀 And thank you for the awesome giveaway too!


  5. I really don’t like the Summer at all. The heat and the sun give me terrible headaches. But I absolutely love the Fall and Winter months. All the great holidays like Halloween (my favorite), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And drinking hot chocolate after playing in the snow with the kids. The cooler months are a lot more enjoyable for me:)


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