Hump Day Hook 4th September

Hi guys!


Heres the first HDH of September x Where is this year going?

Anyway, i am writing the fifth Demon Tale, Sleeping Beauty and the Damned Fey, so i thought id share a bit of it with you guys. I am very excited about this book!!! SQUEEE!

***UNEDITED*** So please bear that in mind x the-asylum-project-empty-bed-erik-brede

Rhand strode forward and snapped the chain running underneath the bed tying her hands together and did the same for her feet restraints. The woman didn’t try to move though she was free to, and Rhand’s anger pulsed once again, knowing she was probably too weak to move, or to do anything more than watch him through her bleary eyes.

These human bustards had kept this woman locked up like an animal. Clearly starved and tortured, and though Rhand had no idea yet what breed she was, he felt a primal urge to get one of his kind—a being from the Realms—away from this death hole. 


A little tease for you.  ;-\


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