Hump Day Hook 21st August

Hi Guys.

I know i have not been here much this summer, i am so sorry—but I AM BACK!!! ;-0


This HDH is from Rapunzel Demon Tale x


Happy hump Day peeps x



Blane reached up and removed the bandage, his blood stuck to the cotton strip and ripped at the wound cover art Rapunzel mdmaking him growl and grind his teeth. He pulled the bandage free and had to tip his head back and suck in air for a good ten seconds before he could continue. 

From the day his family had been slaughtered, Blane had understood the importance of cleaning wounds—especially wounds as severe as an arrow hole. But looking down, he saw that the wound was not only clean but it was sewn up with some odd golden fibre. Where there should have been a gaping and dirty wound, there was the neat line of a healing scar. His flesh was closed and it looked at least three weeks healed. 

Blane fingered the perfect stiches and glanced back to the woman. “How long have I been here?”




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