Summer Fun Giveaway Event



Congratulations hun! 



Hi guys!



One Lucky commenter Will WIN a signed copy of Snow White The Demon Huntress!!!


Kindle copies of SnowWhite AND Rapunzel. Winner chooses. 

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what you love about summer the most.

Me? I adore just being able to leave the house without having to bundle up. I love feeling heat on my skin and spending more time outdoors. I ADORE BBQ’s and Pimms! LOL

But most of all, i just love the way everything turns green. So pretty x

Here is my HDH. Its from Rapunzel The Demon Tale x

I hope you like it. x


“Do you regret our kiss in the woods?” Chloe asked, her voice a shaky whisper.cover art Rapunzel md

“No,” Blane answered truthfully.

“Would you regret it if we kissed again?”

Fuck! Blane’s head swam and his chest ratcheted tighter, he ached to taste her again. Was she offering?

“I fear that you might regret it if we did,” he answered honestly. Because everyone I ever love has died or gone missing.

Chloe huffed a small laugh and shook her head against the pillow. “I could never regret kissing you, Blane.”

Blane could feel the pulse in his neck, could swear his heart was ripping out of his chest, and when Chloe tipped her head back and stared at his mouth, he was lost. A goner…Completely fucked!

NOW. Go and visit all of the other authors on the list. They have GIVEAWAYS TOO!!!!!

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x


12 thoughts on “Summer Fun Giveaway Event

  1. I love having sunlight still after working all day. Oh and getting a chance to go camping. Get away from noisy neighbors and city sounds.


  2. I’m with you. I love the heat, the green, the pretty flowers, the BBQs, walking with having to wear a coat, going outside to lay in the sun… just able to go outside and breathe without the cold filling your lungs. Love summer, and spring, and fall… just not so much winter.


  3. While I hate the heat and humidity, I do like having a garden in. I love being able to go out and pick fresh tomatoes and peppers and onions. I love the fact it stays lighter longer and the time seems much more carefree. Would prefer spring and fall much better.


  4. I love the sunshine, and not having to bundle the kids up in coats and boots. Plus, with the kids off school, things are a little less scheduled. I don’t feel like I’m rushing all of the time. 🙂

    jessicasubject.writer at gmail dot com


  5. I love that i can get outside with my daughters and just spend time together enjoying life. My oldest is 17, so i cherish every minute I can with her! Summer time is when i can spend the most with her before she goes off to college.


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