Hump Day hook

Hi guys!


This weeks HDH is from Snow White The Demon huntress.


Enjoy x

She leapt across the space, her braided hair flying out behind SnowWhite_SMher, and Sam had mere milliseconds to avoid the knife as it slashed down by his shoulder. He fell to the floor, and rolled to the side. The woman came down on top of him and sat astride Sam. Her black leather legs acting like a vice around his arms and chest. 

But, shit, she was strong. 

Sam had a moment of clarity, where he imagined her cutting through his throat, a moment of sheer silence as his mind said, Oh, so this is how you die. 

Sam looked up into her pretty face and smiled. Well, at least he no longer had to worry about his kingdom, the many people—and whether his mother was going to take over the world. This woman had been sent to take that from him. 

Probably best it was a woman; if it were a man, Sam might have fought harder.


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For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x


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