You know guys, when i got my first publishing contract i genuinely believed no one would read my books but my mum, my MIL and maybe a few friends.

I was nervous about every new reader, i would literally get stomach cramps if someone told me they were reading one of my books.


I have relaxed a little, though i do still get nervous, And the more books i have put out there,  i have come to hope for those times when you get a good review or a message from a reader saying they liked what i wrote.

Thats is a good day in Kerrie’s world LOL

Today i got a message that made me smile BIG because it was not only someone telling me that they liked my book–it was someone telling me that they read my book twice and still liked it!

Seriously, this made my year.

To know that your book was liked, is one thing, but to hear that it was liked enough to want to read it again–EPIC!

So, I just want to say thanks to everyone who has read one of my stories. I adore what I do, I will always write, and thanks to hearing cool stuff like this, I will write with pride.


Yes, I have stayed up til 4:30 in the morning reading this amazing book. Read it twice as a matter of fact. What an awesome heart-wrenching love story. And what a great twist to an old fairy tale. Oh, did I mention it was super hot. Thank you Kerrianne for such wonderful writing. Pick up this book. You will be hooked to Kerrianne Coombe’s Demon Tales series. This is a stand alone book so no matter if this is book #4. Believe me I hate reading out of order but you won’t be missing anything I promise.


Now I am off to try to finish the fifth Demon Tale, Sleeping Beauty and the Damned Demon. And because of this message, i will probably finish it in a flourish of happiness.

The sun is shining, my ‘puter is on, Happy Sunday everyone!

*Skips away*



One thought on “Proud

  1. I am so glad I have made your day because you have made mine. I don’t have too many authors that I absolutely that love and I am so happy I found your books. You have become one of my go to authors. An author where I don’t care or even read blurbs to see what the books are about. I just buy when they are released. Can’t wait to the rest of your books.


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