Hi guys. I am just popping my head in to say Hi and to completely freak out about the fact it is NEARLY SCHOOL SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

I mean, EEEEEP!!! freak

I have a book coming out in October, so i will have edits over the summer, not to mention the two books i need to finish–PLUS promo.

Is it just me, or is anyone else panicking right now?

When will i find the time? How will i make time? I have a husband who works away, kids that like my company LOL and animals–lots of animals. Its not that i am complaining, really, i am just a little overwhelmed by the idea of not being able to write without either staying up late at night–which will lead to me being tired for kids in the day, or taking ‘time out’ on the weekends–which is crappy because i love spending time with the hubs then.

I could, in theory, take an hour each day, leave the kids to watch the TV or play lego, but i can guarantee that is when chaos will break out. Someone will probably call someone a name, and then someone else will probably call someone a name back, and then someone will hit someone–and then CHAOS!! blog

I could take my laptop to a ball pit or a park while they play, but i love to people watch so, ill end up sitting there gormlessly staring at people and totally forget to work. I have a few clubs booked, but they don’t match up (Boy and girl) So i haven’t even managed to do that right LOL



HOW DO YOU DO IT? Or do you give up for the summer and HOPE no deadline bites your ankles.




2 thoughts on “SUMMER FREAK OUT!!

  1. I procrastinate by watching something over and over and over and over again. However, I am hoping to get some writing done during our two weeks in Scotland! There will be no net to distract me.


  2. This is all new to me, but I feel your pain! I have a toddler who finishes pre-school for the summer holidays soon, and my baby is due at around the same time. We have a dog who likes lots of attention, and my husband is in demand at work and so is out for most of the week doing 15 hour days. It will be chaos! Oh, and I have edits for a book release in September too. I guess we just have to keep going and do what we can and when…


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