Happy HDH!!!

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

Heres a little bit from Snow White The Demon Huntress.

This is why i love writing my demons so much–they’re such SEXY beasts!!!! Please Enjoy x


… His impressive horns curled out from his temples and around the back of his head; Snow reached up and strokedSnowWhite_SM her hand along one, the warm bone surprising her with its soft surface. Sam groaned loudly, and Snow watched as his eyes slid shut as if in total bliss. 

“Oh, Snow, if you touch a demon like that, you’d better get ready,” he moaned out, as if in internal pain. Snow smiled, enchanted by Sam and his humour. She had no idea a demon’s horns were so sensitive. Feeling slightly devilish, Snow stroked the horn again. Sam shuddered. 

His eyes flew open when she curled her fingers around the soft horn and gripped. Her heart skipped a beat at the heat that flared from his darkened gaze. Sam moved lower and pinned her in with his large body, and pressed his horn further into her hand like a cat rubbing against a leg. A strange power thrummed through her, and Snow revelled in its presence. 

“You grab a demon’s horns, sugar,” Sam growled, his voice strained as if pushed through tight lungs, “And you claim his soul.”





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  1. It’s like rubbing a puppy’s belly, once you start, they own you and you have to keep rubbing to their heart’s content lol. LOVED this hook, Kerrianne 😀 I could just imagine one of his legs thumping the ground while she is stroking his horns lol.


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