Hump Day hook x

Hi Guys!

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

A little HDH from Rapunzel The Demon Tale… HAve a great day x



“It wasn’t that bad,” she muttered from her perch. 

Blane turned her way and watched as she tucked her skirts around her legs even tighter. A gust of cold air blew through one of the gaps in the ceiling and picked up a few strands of her hair, dancing them across her face. She didn’t try to tuck it back or move it from her eyes, she merely watched him through the strands, her blue gaze never leaving him, as if she didn’t trust what he would do if she looked away. 

Scandinavian…that was the accent he could hear. His heart gave a deep pulse and Blane closed his eyes against the unwanted memory of his mother’s own gentle, lilting tone. 

Min brave dreng…’

cover art Rapunzel md


14 thoughts on “Hump Day hook x

  1. Ohhh, there is so much in that word “unwanted” with his mother’s memory. What is it about his mother that has him needing to block out. Was she killed, was she less than desirable as a mother to him? Love the mystery behind this hook!


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