Hump Day Hook 5th June x

Hello everyone! Good week?

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x







Well, here is hump day again, and this week i give you a little tease from Cinderella The Demon Tale x 


Please enjoy, and remember, Sam IS MINE!!!!! *Sweet giggles*


Suddenly the door smashed open, the sound making Torc whirl around. His breath stuck in his throat when Sam stepped through the destruction, his trusty best friend holding an unconscious Sun demon by the collar. When Sam saw Torc, he dropped the demon and grinned.

“Torc, ma’ boy, I thought I’d just pop in—hope you don’t mind.” Sam kicked away the rest of the door, and walked into the room. Gretchen squealed and tried to cover herself up with her hands. Sam just laughed and shook his head. “I won’t look. Nasty, evil bitches aren’t my type.”


Thanks for popping by! Have a great week peeps!



17 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook 5th June x

  1. No…no, no, no. Sam is MY book boyfriend (until I read Rapunzel, at least…all might change with the younger smartass)…I ADORE him. 😀 This scene helped cement his fate as my book boyfriend, so hands off 😛


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