Hump Day Hook

Hi Guys!


I am going for a little SMEXINESS today.

This bit is from my erotic contemporary Romance Running Home x

Her head fell back against the wall, her eyes shut tight. Her mind focused on the wicked, RunningHome_MEDwicked things he was doing with his tongue. He licked and sucked her heated flesh. Occasionally, though not as often as she would have liked, he drew her clit into his warm, wet lips and pressed it tightly. Each time the pleasure brought her up onto her tiptoes. Waves of heat and electricity rolled over her body. She shuddered and coiled in anticipation. Her nails dug into the brick wall, desperate to clutch his hair, his shoulder, anywhere that would ease her need. But he had said “no,” and Jo did not want him to stop.

“Please,” she cried out as his lips closed on her clit again.

“Please what?” he asked as he swiped his tongue teasingly over her moist flesh. “Tell me what you want me to do.”



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