Hump Day Hook! 15th May

Hi guys!


This week i am posting from Rapunzel… *Sigh* I just cant get enough of Blane and Chloe x

A little insight into Chloe x

She hesitated a scant second before she allowed her hand to touch the metal. Her mind cover art Rapunzel mdscreamed and her stomach rolled, but Chloe had no choice but to do as she was ordered. 

The moment her fingers glanced the metal her body recoiled, the sword spun from her touch and she jerked violently backwards. Distantly, she heard a bellow of anger and strong, rough hands lifted her onto the table, the blade was dropped onto her bare arm. 

This blade had seen more than death. This blade had experienced something awful. The metal spoke to her, whispered its insipid memories and Chloe was powerless not to see the life of the sword. 

Visions of battles swarmed her mind. Agony lanced her heart repeatedly, every death caused by the blade ran through her body. Connected to the metal as she was, Chloe could not only see everything the blade had done—she could feel them too.



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13 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook! 15th May

  1. you just love to torture me, don’t you? Argh…I can’t wait to get to this one…Blane is fascinating, but now you’ve gone and made me insanely curious about Chloe. 😛


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