Hump Day Hook May 8th x x

This weeks HDH is from Snow White The Demon Huntress!


Please, enjoy x


The woman growled in temper, picked up a glass ornament and threw it at Sam with deft precision. The heavy object smacked off his shoulder and Sam grunted. Pain lanced his arm and stole his breath, but it only made Sam angrier. He reached across the small reading-table in front of him, not taking his eyes off the girl, and snatched up a letter opener. Her eyes flew wide a moment before she reached around her own belt and slid out a blade so lethal-looking, all Sam could do was laugh. Bitterly. 

“Oh, Come on! What’s a little thing like you gonna do with a man’s tool like that?” 

Something about his sentence made her eyes flick wide, and Sam saw the moment she had enough. She leapt across the space, her braided hair flying out behind her, and Sam had mere milliseconds to avoid the knife as it slashed down by his shoulder.



Snow White the Demon Huntress is available NOW!


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10 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook May 8th x x

  1. Oh, Sam…Ugh…I love Sam…I can’t wait to read this one, you’re driving me nuts. I plan on using my SCP gift card to buy books 2 & 3 (since I have 1 & 4)!! I so want to read this one (and cinderella)


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