WoooHooo! Its The First ever Hump Day Hook GIVEAWAY Week!

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

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This weeks post is from Rapunzel Demon Tale 4 x

“Chloe!” He bellowed. The beast inside had full reign now, and Blane let it, he leapt over the cover art Rapunzel mddistance, coming down hard on the back of the Waif. He threw his head back and yelled a battle cry, the Waif hissed and scratched at Blane’s legs. 

Chloe stood not ten meters away, her eyes wide with fright and her pale, shaking hands covering her mouth as she watched Blane dispatch the threat. 


He reached down, gripped the Waif’s head and yanked, never taking his eyes off Chloe and the rising horror on her expression.



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20 thoughts on “HUMP DAY HOOK GIVEAWAY WEEK!!!!!

  1. I’m all about the action…and demons…so I enjoyed this hook. Just from this snippet, I’m already a fan of Blane (and I really like that name too, lol). I love the staccato thought of “Protect…mine…” – very in the moment. And I’m with Jessie wondering what a Waif is. I’m all intrigued.


  2. Wow. Poor Blane. It seemed he changed into the beast to save Chloe. I hope he doesn’t lose her because of it! That would be heartbreaking. Great snippet! I want to know more about this Waif, too. 🙂


  3. That’s the way to do it!! Lol!! I haven’t gotten to that part yet. I will read more today. Rapunzel is fantastic!!


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