The Beastly Birthday Blog Hop!

Welcome to the 1st Birthday celebrations of the beginning of the Demon Tales! 


A year ago this weekend, Beauty and The Beast was released! And to celebrate, i decided to HOP! And A bunch of wickedly brilliant author friends have agreed to play too!! So you can bet your bottom there will be some amazing


Books, SWAG and so much to be won across the hop!

With a GRAND PRIZE of;

A HANDMADE NECKLACE a signed copy of SNOW WHITE THE DEMON TALE, AND a $20 Amazon voucher!!!! 


And a runner up will receive a $5 Secret Cravings Voucher too!!!! 




ALL YOU HAVE TO DO to be in with a chance at winning the necklace, is visit every blog included in the hop, find out what their hidden picture is; It will be one of these pictures below; leave a comment and then email me with the complete list at  SIMPLE!!! applebroomroseHave fun!

HOP STARTS on FRIDAY 26th April until MONDAY 29th April!

BE there, or be BORING!!! 😉

Kerrianne x

Here is the list of participating Authors and their live links x

REMEMBER to find their objects and let me know!

Sara Cass

Robyn Seitz Hodder

Delena Silverfox

SAndra Sookoo

Tracey Steinbach

Evalise Archer  Http://

Marie Rose Dufour

Jillian Chantal

Layna Pimantel

Flossie Benton Rogers


12 thoughts on “The Beastly Birthday Blog Hop!

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  4. Happy first anniversary of your book. Thanks for the wonderful blog hop. I will email you my list later. There are 2 that don’t have posts up yet. And I will recheck them later.
    Sue B


  5. Happy Anniversary…or birthday. I believe they’re interchangeable for this occasion! I love the Beauty & the Beast story and theme.
    Delena Silverfox doesn’t have a Beastly Birthday post up yet.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com


  6. Congrats to you!! Very awesome! Love the sound of both books! Ill definitely be checking them out! I love fairy tales! I cant wait to read your stories! Thank you!


  7. Happy Birthday Beauty and the Beast. And congratulations Kerrianne:) What a great idea this was. Had so much fun visiting all the participants blogs and commenting. Including yours;) Love your work and look forward to reading more of it. Good luck and congratulations again on such a wonderful feat:) What an exciting feeling it must be to follow your heart and tell such amazing atories


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