Hump Day hook!!!! 24th April x

HI guys!!!!


happy hump Day!

This weeks Hump is from Rapunzel Demon Tale OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

“Because if I hadn’t dragged you through that town like a dog on a leash, then you wouldn’t cover art Rapunzel mdhave been trampled on, nor would you have such damage to your feet.” 

“But I would still be sitting in that cell, wishing my life would end, wishing I was dead.” 

Those words had the power to stop Blane’s heart for a time, the stark honesty in her expression made his chest constrict. 

“Never that,” he said, shaking his head. His beast snarled and Blane curled her closer into his body, his entire being recoiled at the idea of Chloe wishing such a thing. 

Chloe nodded. “Every day.”


For more HDH’s Click here x


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