Hump Day Hook 10th April

Hi guys!

Here is this weeks offering for Hump Day hook.

I am posting from my upcoming release, Rapunzel, Demon Tale 4 (Out April 23rd) Oh, i hope you like it!

She poked her foot through the open widow and felt for somewhere to put her weight. A wooden bracket cover art Rapunzel mdjutted from the wall and Chloe lowered herself onto it. She levered herself onto the windowsill and dropped into the room.

The first thing she saw was Blane hanging from twin chains in the ceiling. His head hung heavily against his chest so she couldn’t see his face, his beautiful hair was matted and clumpy, presumably stuck together with blood—his blood—around his damaged horns. His entire body was wet with sweat and blood, his muscles shaking against the bonds. It was horrifying—disgusting—completely all-consuming to her stunned senses.

“Oh, my god, Blane!” Chloe cried out and took a step towards him. She stumbled over loose chains on the floor and she knocked a candle over making the flames dance around the dank room. The yellow light swished along the walls as the candle fell, and that was when she noticed the second thing in the room…

YEY!!!!! Thanks for popping by!

If you want to read a demon Tale, you can find Beauty and The Beast, Demon Tale, Cinderella, Demon Tale and Snow White The Demon Huntress on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ARE and Secret Cravings Publishing. To find out more, Go to the Demon Tale page on the tab above.

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15 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook 10th April

  1. Rapunzel sounds amazing!! What a great writer you are!! I just want to read more and more. I cannot wait to read this installment in the Demon Tales series:) Good luck with the release. I will be sharing:)


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