Hump Day Hook 3rd April

Hi guys!


I am posting my first ever HDH from Rapunzel Demon Tale 4!!!!! This book will be out later this month,cover art Rapunzel md but i am so excited to share this with you guys!

I hope you like it x

Ignoring his binds, broken limbs and torn skin, Blane threw his head back and roared into the dark room. He yanked at the chains, trying his hardest to break free.

 Chloe was here, in this castle, and if her screams were any indication, she was hurting.

 Mine! Protect!

 Blane twisted his wrists and grunted when one popped out of its socket. He sucked in a deep breath and tried again. But this time the pain was too much. His head swam and his body began to tremble. He roared again, this time, the sound not leaving his lips as black swarmed his vision and his body went limp.

 Help…mine…He thought, and then nothingness claimed him.



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For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x




21 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook 3rd April

  1. OMG. Amazing and intense!! You have been hooking me like crazy with these HDH’s. So much so that I’m way excited to say that in my rounds (and thanks to a gift card) I was finally able to buy book 1 in this series! I can’t wait to dive in 🙂


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