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Hi Guys x

I realised something today. I have just finished edits for Rapunzel Demon Tales and i was wondering what to do with my writing time now?

I have one other Demon Tale under contract–but I am not ready to start that yet. I also have three OPEN (Started but not finished) WIPS, and while I KNOW my crit partner REALLY wants me to finish a certain Urban fantasy–I just don’t want to do that. Sorry Kathleen! 😉

I only have about three weeks open before I HAVE to really get to grips with the next demon tale–Sleeping Beauty–and I was planning to write a couple-if I can–short novellas.

So, I went and got ALL of my notebooks and read through them.

AND it was then that i had my realisation…

My pretty note books!

My pretty note books!

MY brain never stops thinking of ideas!

Every page is FULL with one line character quotes, or one paragraph book ideas. or even better–complete synopsis of stories.

I always note my ideas down on paper–and i LOVE pretty notepads–so i now have tons of them!

Today i have loved reading through my note books. They are like a little peek into my brain. Some ideas i had even forgotten  I had jotted down!

Anyway. I have come away very pleased, and I even have three solid ideas for some novellas!

I am so happy I have my note pads!

What I want to know is; How do you remember all of your story ideas? 



10 thoughts on “My Notebooks x

  1. The tried-and-true notepads! I’m the exact same way. Up in the cupboard in my desk are about eight Steno pads chock-full of ideas, quotes, descriptions, drawn maps, etc. Stories with names or named characters have their own folder in my “Stories” file on my computer, and each has a “Notes” folder inside that. That way I don’t have to flip to find it buried inside a notebook (although I do have this uncanny ability to remember where each written note is located in each notebook). Aside from that, I have the Smart Voice app on my phone for recording notes when I’m driving or otherwise engaged and can’t write it down.

    Of course, I also have Post-Its on my desk at all times, with little ideas and other notes for stories jotted down and stuck to the edge of my monitor. Those sticky notes eventually get transferred to a notepad (when I’m feeling very studious), but usually eventually just get stuck inside a notebook with a little piece sticking out of the top (or side, or bottom) like a bookmark. If my notes-to-self get *too* orderly, I find I actually can’t keep track of them as efficiently, lol. My brain actually keeps better track of what’s where when it’s a little more, um, “organic.” =)


  2. I very rarely hand-write (my writing is so sloppy I probably wouldn’t remember anyway…), but my hard drive is packed with folders full of backstories and story ideas. I create a new folder for every idea. Sometimes if I just have the spark of an idea I make a book cover…and sometimes those books don’t even see fruition. lol.

    Other than that…they’re all up in the old noodle. Sometimes I forget them…and I take that as a sign as it didn’t work. Other ideas NAG at me until I give them their own folder in my hard drive…others just sit and chill, building their stories slowly until they’re ready to start nagging at me.

    My brain? ‘Tis a frightening place. SCARY.


    • God, Sarah, we sound like twins. I don’t like writing by hand. My mind goes much faster than I can write, and in my attempts to keep up, what I’m left with is illegible. I haven’t been keeping notes, and sometimes I get great ideas, usually when it’s inconvenient, that I lose before I get to a place where I can type them up. My usual MO is to just sit down with my open file and pick up where I left off, and use all the stuff still clogging my brain to fill the pages. I go into a writing trance and let my characters take the lead.

      In recent months, while I awaited the editing of my fifth book, the noise in my brain had risen to chaotic levels, forcing me to sit and write snippets just so they’ll go away. At first, they were random thoughts which became random scenes. Those random scenes began to define and develop characters. I’m glad I wrote them all down now in what I term “free-writing exercises.” Most of what I’ve written will become book six!


  3. There is something incredibly satisfying and encouraging about looking at your photo with a pile of notebooks filled with inspiration! I am the same. I have notebooks scattered around the house, in various stages of completion, each with odd snippets, ideas, scenes etc jotted down. I also save some notes on my Blackberry on the occasions when I (shock horror!) do not have a notebook to hand. Oh, and then there will be little post-it notes with scribbles of inspiration. They get tucked into the notebooks for future reference… I love being a writer!


  4. Mostly I make notes on my computer, but I do (usually) carry a notebook for when I’m away from it, but this morning… no notebook 😦 and now I can’t remember the ideas that came to me while waiting on DH.


  5. Where is your HDH? *taps foot impatiently** and yes you need to finish Darklings. And I have a ton of writing to do…that said. I just changed feom my iphone to the new Galaxy Note 2 that has the S Pen where I can make notes t I my hearts content. Before I used the notepad feature on my iphone and emailed myself all kinds of stuff. Lol.


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