Cover Reveal!!!

Rapunzel Demon Tale 4 Is almost here!!!!!!

Here is the SEXEH cover designed by the wonderful Dawne Dominique! cover art Rapunzel md

I cant get over how perfect a fit the cover model is for Blane! *Swoons*

I adore Blane. I fell in love with him as a young demon in Cinderella Demon Tale, and i was so Exited to give him his very own story!!!!

Blane has a BIG journey to come to terms with being a fated mate. but Chloe is PERFECT for him–though, Blane doesn’t see it at the beginning x


Chloe, princess of the iron fey and heir to the throne, is trapped. Kidnapped from her life at the young age of fifteen and imprisoned by the Vulcans, she has suffered at their hands for more than a decade.

Broken weak and hopeless, she has long stopped dreaming of a better life.

When a large demon is captured by the Vulcans and thrown into her tower, Chloe has no idea that fate has a plan. 

Bent on fulfilling a promise he made to his dying mother, Blane finds himself behind bars. Locked in the legendary Vulcan tower, with a woman he fears is his mate. Blane realizes that even the best laid plans can fail.

Blane never wanted a mate. Never wanted anyone to rely on him. But can he walk away from the one woman who is meant to be the other half of his soul? 

Short Excerpt;

She sat still like a statue, not moving even to take a breath, and Blane wondered what the fuck a woman was doing in a place like this? A deep moan of agony filtered into the room through the floor as if to punctuate Blane’s thoughts.

He let his gaze roam past her face and his heart broke at the sight of her ragged clothes and her dirty bare feet. His eyes had become accustomed to the light, and he could see how filthy the woman was.

Her small, thin fingers gripped the front of her legs, and as he scrutinised her, she folded herself in closer, making herself appear, if possible, smaller. Her eyes, which he now could see were blue, filled with shame and Blane forced his gaze away.

He and shame were close friends, nobody knew better than Blane how the thought of someone judging you burned into the soul. 

Thanks so much for popping by x

Kerrianne x


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