Hump Day Hook 13th March

Hi Guys.

This s HDH from my Beauty And The Beast. The Demon Tale .BeautyandtheBeast_DemonTale_MED

I hope you enjoy it x

“Bring her to me, demon!” her mother yelled from the top of the stairs. Her cackling voice broke into Cally’s thoughts. The knights all twitched nervously, but Torc held fast to Cally’s arm.

He flicked an uneasy frown down to her. “This doesn’t seem like the welcome I expected you to have, Cally.” Torc said quietly. He was tense at her side, his hand gripping her in a firm hold.

“I told you,” Cally snapped, feeling all her fear climb higher. Emotions burned her throat and raced in her heart. Lamb to the slaughter. “I never wanted to be brought back here.”




For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x


19 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook 13th March

  1. An unhappy, angry mother is a terrifying thing, indeed. The cackling voice gives me shivers, lol. I felt the tension, and I loved that line “Lamb to the slaughter.” That was a wonderfully evocative line. Great hook, Kerrianne!


  2. An angry mom, yikes. She doesn’t sound happy that her daughter has returned, and the daughter definitely doesn’t want to be there. Makes me wonder what happened between them. Nice hook 🙂


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