Hump Day hook x 6th March

Hello everyone! *Waves*


I am going to share a hook from Beauty and the Beast the Demon Tale 1– A sexy defining moment in Brigg and Cally’s story x 



I hope you enjoy it x

So confident that I won’t attack?

Fuck! He was burning up. His hand gripped the door handle until he was sure he would snap the handle off. His breathing had ceased, but his heart still beat volcanic blood all through him. Her hand slid low around the collar of his shirt. Brigg growled. The fragile leash he had over his beast was frayed. The last strings of control were seconds from snapping.

“Don’t do that, Princess,” he managed.

She looked into his eyes and, dammit, there was no fear. She stayed her hand, but didn’t remove it.

“Do you not like this, Brigg?” She creased her brow, “Because I do.” When had Cally ever sounded so sexy? She purred a quiet whisper that was so sensual, so sultry, Brigg couldn’t answer. Her blue eyes flicked over his face. He could see her chest rising and falling with heavy breaths. “Would you like to touch me?”

Ah, Jesus! He closed his eyes as his need charged through his body. Cally didn’t move, but he heard a hitch in her breathing.


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