Hump Day Hook x

I am taking another snippet from my paranormal Romance Snow white The Demon Huntress.SnowWhite_SM

The next book in the series, Rapunzel Demon Tale, should be through the editing process soon, so i hope to share form that story with you guys! I am very excited about Rapunzel, so watch this space x

If you like Dark and Twisty–then you will love my Demon Tales x


“This was my best shirt.” 

Snow snorted and shook her head. “Not anymore.” She pushed the ripped fabric from his shoulders and leaned forward to lick his solid abs. Sam tensed, and his muscles jumped under her roving tongue. He speared his fingers into her hair and massaged her neck with rough, jerky movements. Snow licked and nibbled her way down his chest, reached his trousers, and tucked her fingers into the top. She was just about to tear them open again, impatient to see all of Sam, when the room spun. She found herself on her back with Sam hovering over her, wearing an expression of severe arousal. Snow gasped, yet her body rippled with the effects of his dominance. 

“My turn, little assassin,”

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x

For more EXCELLENT Hooks, click here x


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