Valentines Day GIVEAWAY!!!


Okay Guys.

I am celebrating the paperback release of Nothing But Destiny, AND I am GIVING AWAY one signed copy of the book PLUS a small valentines gift from me, to one lucky commenter!

All you have to do, is tell me the most romantic thing you have ever heard. Be it, something that happened to you personally, or just a story you heard–i would love you to share it with me.


I will pick the winner on Feb 15th. Please attached your email address, so i can contact you x

Good Luck!



25 thoughts on “Valentines Day GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. My husband bought me a star. Cheesy I know but I love looking out at night and seeing all the stars and planets. For me it was a perfect gift.


  2. My father first proposed to my mother when he was 16 and my mother 14. World War II arrived and got in the way of a budding friendship and romance. When my father was stationed in New Guinea for the war, my mother realised that she would miss him terribly if he did NOT come back! My father proposed a second time, almost 10 years after the first. My mother said β€˜yes’ and they had their fairytale wedding. Now, 65+ years later, they still hold hands when they are out and about.



  3. I can’t think of anything truly romantic in my real life. Just from books and songs. I love the country song “In John Deer Green, On a hot summer night, he wrote Billy Jo loves Charlene, in letter 3 feet high,” It’s a southern thing! lol


  4. Our second Valentine’s Day together my husband went home early. He set the table complete with fresh roses and candles (really sweet since he is allergic to flowers). He fixed a very nice meal all by himself including dessert (he never cooks unless he can use the grill). Then after supper he put on some music and asked me to dance (he hates dancing!!). That has been the most romantic and amazing Valentine’s day so far. πŸ™‚



  5. Another WW2 story, lol. My grandfather was already seeing someone when he was stationed in England and met my grandmother. He couldn’t see her enough and fell for her so fast that he forgot to break it off with the woman back home. When he came back to the States, she came with him while her whole family stayed in England. They were married and this year will be their 68th anniversary…I think. It’s hard to remember, lol. My grandfather is very quiet and doesn’t like to talk much, but how they fell in love is one thing he can talk about for hours. They are still super cute together.

    bloodandfires at yahoo dot com


  6. My ex husband took me to a nice restaurant on the river on Valentines Day. He had a dozen long stem red rose’s waiting for me on the table.He wrote me a poem and got down on his knee and read it to me.”It said rose’s are red, your eye’s are blue, your lips are sweet and I love you.We had a nice dinner, wine and strawberries. And some dancing. Best Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day!! debbie.lemon@rocketmail.vom


  7. There are tons of romantic thi gs I’ve heard. Gerard abutler telling Hillary Swank that kissing is a man’s buisness in P.S. I Love You. Harry Connick Jr telling Sandra Bullack that dancing is just a conversation …dance with me in Hope Floats. But in all honesty, the most romantic thing for me was Christmas when my bf purposed to me. Happy Valentines !!!


  8. Actually, the most romantic thing happened to me 26 years ago ~ we brought our newborn daughter home from the hospital on Valentine’s Day and my husband told me it was the most precious gift he’d ever received.


  9. I’d have to say my parents, my dad has been disabled for a while so is unable to work, my mom works part-time at our neighborhood grade school in the school’s cafeteria, so she’s on her feet all that time…my dad did the housecleaning, he vacuumed, did the grocery shopping, cleaned the kitchen and even got dinner started before she got home…I want one like that πŸ™‚


  10. Ah, such lovely stories! Here’s mine: my husband is not given to romantic gestures, in fact he staunchly refuses to do anything that people might go ‘ah’ over! We decided to get engaged when we were 20, but I wanted him to surprise me with the proposal. He certainly managed it! He met me from work one night and walked me to the bus stop. It was a few days before Christmas, and he asked me to stop under the huge Christmas tree in the town where I worked. I just wanted to get to the bus and sit down after being on my feet all day, but he asked me to humour him. I did, and he proposed, right in the spot that he knew I would love (I am a big kid at Christmas, especially with trees!) We are now happily married and expecting our second child, having been together for 11 years…I’m still waiting for another romantic gesture though!


  11. I heard this last night on television. Not only did it make the news anchor cry telling it, it also made me cry.

    A woman in Texas received flowers from her husband on Valentine’s Day, and yet he had passed away four months earlier. She called the florist to say that there must be some mistake as her husband had passed away. And the florist told her there was no mistake. Her husband had pre-paid for a bouquet of roses to be delivered to her every Valentine’s Day for ten years.

    So sweet!

    My hubby bought me roses, too, as he knows how much I love them and him. πŸ™‚


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