Hump Day Hook 30th Jan

humpdayhookHi guys!!!!


I hope you have all had a good week.

This weeks HDH is from my paranormal Romance Snow White The Demon Huntress. If you recall, i left a hook a couple of weeks

ago where Snow had stabbed Sam…well, here is the paragraph that followed x

Enjoy x *Evil Author laugh*

Snow White Demon Tale 3

Snow White Demon Tale 3


“I love you,” he whispered. His face was taut, pale and twisted with agony. He dropped to his knees and Snow dropped with him. The red apple rolled from his hand, and Sam’s eyes followed the fruit. 

“The…apple.” Sam breathed out. 

Snow caught sight of the apple as it rolled down the many steps to the altar. She watched with a strange emptiness as the whole—not bitten—fruit bounced further away. 

“You didn’t bite it?” Snow gasped. She whipped her gaze back to Sam. 

“Too…shocking…painful,” Sam gasped out. Blood ran from the sides of his mouth and Snow screamed with fright. 

“No, no, no, no, no,” she chanted as Sam wobbled from his knees to his side. Snow reached for him and positioned him more comfortably, shaking violently as she did.



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