Hump Day Hook


I hope you all found he new HDH blog easy!


I am going to HUMP from my Paranormal Romance Cinderella. Demon Tale Cinderella_DemonTales_MED

Happy Humping!

She slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. His cock gave a slight twitch and Torc wondered if he could, in fact, go through with this. 

Maybe if he thought about Rose, he could sleep with another—for the sake of his kingdom. Torc tipped his head back as the princess tugged at his trousers. He closed his eyes and conjured the memory of Rose—her beautiful eyes, her small, gentle hands—and how she had looked tonight in that gown. His cock grew hard instantly, and when he felt the princess’ fingers close around his dick, Torc held onto the image of Rose and her innocent green eyes with a fierce, and almost desperate, control.

This is for my kingdom.


MWAHAHAHAHA! *Evil author laugh* That was a particularly evil part of the story!


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20 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook

  1. Yeah, I’m slow…lol. I was like “what the heck” at the end. I had to read the last part twice. Evil author, you are indeed.


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