Hump Day Hook!

Hi Guys!!! humpdayhook


Happy Hump Day x


This is a HDH from a WIP i am working on. Its called Diamond and the Rough (Hot Wheels). I love this pair so much.

Please enjoy x

Ryan dipped his head and pushed his fingers into Sammy’s hair at the nape of her neck. He tipped her head back and looked into her eyes. Her short, panted breaths whispered over his lips as he hovered close to her. Her scent, clean and fresh, washed over him like a hot shower, heating his skin in rippling waves. Sammy licked her lips and Ryan flicked his gaze down to watch the action that left her bottom lip glistening like diamonds in the dull kitchen light.

And in that second Ryan had to taste her. 


I hope you have a great day. And don’t forget to stop by the Facebook group to scope out more fantastic Hump Day Hooks!

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