Release Day!!!


Mama Meme!!!!!! Congratulations Mama! You are the WINNER!!!!!!!! Send me your Email and ill get those books to you x *Jumpy claps*

Snow White The Demon Huntress is finally here!!!!!!!!!! The third book in my demon tales is finally being released today! SQUEEEE!

So to celebrate, i am going to give one lucky commenter a copy of the ebook, plus a choice of the two other demon tales OR a £5 Secret cravings voucher plus a copy of Snow White! (If you have read the other demon tales, then have the voucher, or if you haven’t yet read the other demon tales–you get the whole series)

Snow White Demon Tale 3

Snow White Demon Tale 3



Hired demon hunter and paid debt collector, Snow White lives with her heart encased in ice and her mind set on survival—until she accepts the one job that threatens to turn her world upside down.

Blackmailed by hell gate demons, Snow has no choice but to accept the task of murdering a king. Dragged into a world of violence and death at a young age, Snow has no idea how to deal with king Sam, and his charm.

When Sam’s evil mother died fifteen years before, she left a him with the knowledge that one day, she would return unless Sam breaks the spell.

Living with the knowledge that he has to die on his wedding night in order to break his mothers spell, Sam has never allowed himself to dream of love…Until a little assassin breaks into his castle and steals his heart.

But deals have been made and magic has been cast. Fate has no power over what is in the past…


She took a deep breath and lifted her eyes to his face. Her heart stuttered at the intense way he was watching her. Though the light shone behind him, casting shadow across his beautiful face, Snow could see that he held his jaw clenched, as if biting back words. 

She raised her eyes and looked at his horns, and saw that they were dark: black, with small twists of white running all over them. They looked like marble and shone like polished glass. They were large, curling back over his head, but Snow had to admit they looked good, too. 


Something flickered in her mind like a memory, a long-lost thought. Snow tried to grasp at the small inkling, but lost it as the demon shifted and crossed his arms, snatching her whole attention back. 

She turned her head away and forced herself to stare at the craggy wall instead of his perfect face. 

“What’s your name?” he asked, his voice a deep rumble in the silent dungeon air. 

Snow ignored him. 

The demon sighed and moved. Snow tried to watch him from the corner of her eye. She was desperate not to look at him again, hating the words of appreciation that filled her mind about him. But he moved out of her peripheral vision and Snow didn’t like that, so she turned her gaze. 

He leaned casually against the side of the doorway, the bars of her cell crossing over his body and creating shadows as he watched her intently. 

“Did you hurt yourself at all tonight, with our…scuffle?“ He smiled and turned his gaze around her cell, and the tipped-over bed. “Or with the renovations?” 

Snow frowned. He was asking if she had hurt herself? Why? 

She didn’t reply. 

He looked back at her. “No?” 

Snow tried to ignore him again, but he just stared at her until she shook her head slightly. A bolt of anger hit her gut at her own weakness. If she was going to be locked in a cell, then couldn’t he at least ignore her, or send one of his lackeys to ask her questions? 


Good? Snow frowned again. Why would he care? Why should he care? She had come to kill him, and he was concerned about her injuring herself? Snow swallowed hard and ignored the uncomfortable stones at her back. 

He watched her for a long time, his dark gaze never leaving her, and Snow fought not to look away. It felt like a challenge, a battle of wills, one she wouldn’t lose. 

Snow didn’t lose. Well, until tonight… 

“Why did you come to kill me, little assassin?” he asked. Snow hated being called little, just about as much as she hated being called an assassin—even though both statements were true. She hated the truth of her being degraded to two words. 

Snow cleared her throat and winced at how sore she had made it from her useless screaming. She didn’t reply. The answer that swirled in her head, I do it to earn money—the only answer—sounded harsh, cruel and evil. Snow didn’t consider herself any of those words, but there they were, in her head. 

“Did I, or one of my kin hurt you?” he asked. His words stung like a bolt of pain through her chest, and she flicked her gaze his way. 

“Not you,” she replied, hating that her voice cracked, disgusted when her heart skipped a beat under his scrutiny. 

“Then my kin, the Rams?” he questioned, his eyes narrowing on her and pulling at something inside. 

She shook her head. 

“Then who?” 

And that was just it, she didn’t know. Snow turned her face away from the reasonable demon and stared back at the stone wall.

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11 thoughts on “Release Day!!!

  1. Kerrianne: I have not read any of your books yet, but I am always excited to read ‘new to me’ authors! Thank you for the chance to win one (or more) of your books. They look very interesting. Congrats on your launch!


  2. Happy Release Day, Thank you for picking me as a winner for the favorite holidays foods. I have been working and trying to get over this stupid cold.It’s hard to pick a book from your great selections. But I choose Running Home.Thanks again for chosing me sorry for the delay in response and thanks again for the give away.


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