Hump Day Hook 12 December

Hi Guys! humpdayhook


This is a hook from my upcoming release, Snow White Demon Tale 3. 

Enjoy x

He went stiff as pain registered, his free hand moved to where her knife was stuck and his eyes flew wide. That

Snow White Demon Tale 3

Snow White Demon Tale 3

disgusting spittle collected some more, and Snow curled her lip.

“Disgusting fucking Demon,” She hissed, as she twisted the knife inside him. Snow kept his hand pinned to the bar top, even as he writhed against her. Her strength wasn’t greater than a demon’s, but Snow had learned a long time ago that the element of surprise was always her best tool. It had certainly worked this time.

She yanked the knife upwards, hoping to deal out her threat more specifically—dick to ear—and kneed the demon in the nuts. He groaned, gasped and lunged weakly for her, but Snow held on and on until he slumped to the floor. Her knife came away from his body when he collapsed, and Snow looked at the blood with disdain. She had just had the ivory handle cleaned, and now look at it. 


Happy Humping!!!

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