Hump Day Hook!

Hi guys! Happy Hump Day!

This weeks HDH is from a WIP i am working on called, Sweet Temptation (Hot Wheel)

I hope you like it x

“You might laugh, sweetheart, but in his day, before kids and a wife, Tony was the coolest lad in town.”

Sammy smiled against Ryan’s chest. Her mind was relaxed, the pain was less and all she could concentrate on was the sound of Ryan’s lovely, sexy voice. Especially when he uttered the easy word, Sweetheart. No one had ever used an endearment for her, and she found she liked it, a lot.

“I heard how women ruin good men.” Sammy said teasingly, even as she yawned against his chest.

“They certainly do, Sweetheart.” Ryan replied with a loaded sigh. 


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