Hump Day Hook!

Hello humpers! 😉

This week i am posting a HDH from my paranormal Romance, Beauty and the Beast. Demon Tales. I hope you enjoy it x

“What are you doing awake?” The growl still sat in his voice when he spoke, and he wasn’t surprised to see Cally swallow visibly.

“I-I couldn’t sleep.” She took another slow step in Briggs direction, all the while she watched him as if he might run, or attack. Brigg stayed perfectly still, aware that the moment he allowed his body to move, it would go in her direction. Everything inside him homed in on the Princess. The Beast, the Rain Demon—it all focused on Cally and her bare flesh and bright eyes. The closer she got, the harder his beast was to control. 


Thanks for visiting me! Beauty and the Beast. Demon Tales, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AllRomance Ebooks and Bookstrand! The rest of the series continues with Cinderella Demon Tale 2 (Also available now on all of those on line sites) and Snow White. Demon Tales, Available soon.

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