Six Sentence Sunday

Hi Guys!

This is from my hot contemporary romance called ‘Inveitable’..Hope you like it x

He had no clue, but he knew it would be fucking painful. If she moved on and married another man, Jack was sure he would go insane with jealousy.

He gripped her blonde hair in tight fists as she engulfed him to the back of her throat. He groaned as pressure built in his balls and his dick ached beyond pleasure. His mind focused on the soft, wet texture and heat of her mouth and his pulse jumped along with his spiking arousal. He could stay in her mouth forever, bask in the glory of Sky and her oral talents, but he knew if he allowed her to suck and lick him like this for much longer, their fun would be over much too quickly.


Inevitable is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AllRomance Ebooks and Secret Cravings Publisihing.

Thanks for reading my six x


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