Six Sentence Sunday

Hello Everyone!

Happy Sunday.

This six is rom my new release, Cinderella. Demon Tale 2… i hope you like it x

Rose lay limp in his arms, her slack body hanging in his grip. Her complexion was pale, the blood having left her face the moment she swooned on her feet. He had scooped her up, but had been unable to stop her from fainting. She was petrified by the thought of the queen finding out she was gone, he had seen the utter terror cross her eyes when she remembered Gretchen and his supposed marriage to her.

Torc cursed himself for letting her get so panicked, if he’d had a little more control over his urge to taste her, then he might have broken the news to her in a gentler manner. But he had kissed her—and he couldn’t regret it even for a moment.

Cinderella. Demon Tale 2  is now available at Amazon, Barnes and noble, AllRomance ebooks and BookStrand x

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