Hump Day Hook!!!! 1

Welcome to my first ever HUMP DAY HOOK!!!

So her it is, my HDH!!!

 This is a paragraph from a WIP i am working on between edits called (Tentatively) Hot Wheels… Its a Contemporary Romance Suspense.. i hope you like it x

“Look at me. Please.” He requested, expecting her to refuse. When she lifted her head and stared at him, Ryan had to fight to breathe. Her blush was deep and she chewed at her bottom lip, but she did as he asked and held his stare. And Ryan was suddenly trapped, snared, by the power in her eyes. He didn’t know what he had expected by asking her to look at him, but he sure as heck didn’t expect this. His body responded violently, his heart pounded and his veins sung with adrenaline. The throb that had been gentle all night between his legs suddenly roared into life, and Ryan went hard in record time. 


Idea of HDH is to post a paragraph from any WIP or finished work for people to read and comment on, then pop around and visit all of the other participating writers and leave comments on their HDH!!!! So much fun, and a great way to meet new writers…

If you want to join in the HDH fun, just email me, and ill add you to the Author list x


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