Where In the World. Secret Cravings Blog Hop!!!

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Where in the world am I? 

Where i live was a centre for the occupying German forces and also a stronghold of resistance during World War II.

The beautiful Bartholdi fountain lives there 

And where i live is approx 470 km (292 mi) from Paris.

I will pick one commenter at random to win a copy of my new paranormal Romance, Cinderella. Demon Tale 2 

Once cursed and now cured, Prince Torc is determined do the ‘right thing’ for his kingdom. Second son in line for the throne, Torc is desperate to make up for his time as a bitter trouble maker. When the king of a neighboring kingdom talks of a possible match with his daughter, Torc offers himself up.

With ideas of success and wealth at the forefront of his mind, Torc never imagines that anything could go wrong.

When Rose, a hand maiden to the former queen of Tempath, is sent to serve her cousin, she is treated to the toughest cruelty she has ever known. Rejected by her mother and passed around like an unwanted puppy, Rose dreams of a life of opulence. When Prince Torc arrives at the castle, with his dark eyes and gentle touch, she is reminded that not everyone is evil.

Happy hopping!!!!!! Good luck!!!

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15 thoughts on “Where In the World. Secret Cravings Blog Hop!!!

  1. I knew you lived in France. But the consensus says Lyon. So, I’m throwing my lot in with Lyon, France. Hope I’m correct! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Kerrianne! And good luck to the other participants!


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